Proudly Made in Canada
From its beginnings in the basement of a family home in Montreal, Top Marks has become one of the most successful manufacturers of school uniforms in the country. ‘Made in Canada’ has been our passion, our motto and our mantra from day one – and it’s our guarantee to deliver the best in quality and service.
Manufacturing in Canada allows us to oversee and control all aspects of production, while keeping our pricing competitive. Our quality control starts right at the beginning, where fabrics are inspected for durability and consistency of colour from year to year. No matter the size of the order, we can cut, sew and deliver on time – and if there’s a problem, we can solve it quickly. As we always say, if we have the fabric, we can perform miracles!
‘Made in Canada’, and making a difference in communities across the country, is what Top Marks is all about. From providing jobs in our local production facilities to supporting schools and taking steps to improve the environment in which we all live, we’re right here. We hope we’ve conveyed how passionate we are about being “Made in Canada”. Because we’re extremely proud of what we do.